Going into this trip, I didn’t really know what to expect besides trying to gather information about my eminent person. It started with a bus ride which allowed me to take time to myself and think about what I was going to try to accomplish on the trip, gathering research and to try to bond with other TALONS students.

After the bus ride, I got to experience what a solo spot was. Honestly, it was quite boring. I got to the point where I ate food, but I also got to observe what others were doing around me. There were students rushing to classes, getting coffee to start the day off and some students were studying.

Next, we sat outside waiting for the morning group to come out as we talked about what we saw around us during solo spots. I got the chance to bond with a couple TALONS students for a little while.


We visited the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.Although the museum was a little  small, it was still very fascinating to look at. As I was walking around I saw a disturbing  picture of an elephant that had been killed to get it’s ivory. It was horrible to see what  people do just to get one thing out of an innocent animal. Something that caught my  attention was the little Harry Potter display, although I’m not the biggest fan of Harry  Potter. I saw interesting potions and such, as well as the birds.

When we finished with the Museum, everyone walked up to the Indian Buffet for lunch.  Mr.Jackson started off with a question game, which I thought my table of two was going to dominate, sadly, we were one of the last people to go. My table got the easiest question we could have answered. I was craving so much food, but surprisingly I didn’t eat as much as I thought I would, I fed off of salad.

After feasting on the little food I had, we all met up with Jamie’s sisters who gave us a tour around SFU, teaching us about where each thing was. As we walked it started to rain. I was stupid enough to not bring an umbrella and always went under other people’s umbrellas, then got budged out of the way by others so they could have it, so I just walked with my hood up. I looked around SFU seeing many of the similar building structures around the whole campus, and different symbols the represented different things which I didn’t exactly understand.

The last stop at SFU was the library, which we finally got to. It had an amazing seven floors packed with a lot of books. For some reason, I decided to run up the stairs each time to get to the books I was looking for, which tired me too much. I thought I was going to find a lot of books about my eminent person considering he is so well known, but surprisingly, I found nothing. All the books were dedicated to the techniques of swimming or they all taught me how to swim which was useless.

During this whole trip I didn’t find anything I was looking for, but I did have a lot of fun bonding with others and learning about different aspects at SFU. I also got a chance to reflect where I wanted to head with school and especially with my eminent project. (Sorry for posting this so late! Also I couldn’t upload many photos because the size was too big.)